The Birth of the Free Green Can

It was the summer of 2008 and Steve Holland, Founder of Free Green Can, was attending his 11-year-old son’s baseball game at a local park.

He passed a plastic water bottle to his son, and when it was finished, the boy looked for a recycling bin in which to toss it. There were plenty of trash cans, but they were stuffed with plastic bottles and aluminum cans — and the solitary recycling bin was over-flowing. He asked his father “why aren’t there MORE recycling bins than trash cans?”. Mr. Holland didn’t have an answer.

Two weeks later at a local town meeting, he asked about the lack of recycling bins at the park — when clearly they were needed. The officials explained that the town simply couldn’t afford purchasing an adequate number of recycling bins.

Taking his seat, Mr. Holland began sketching his idea for the first dual-purpose trash/recycling bin with panels on which environmentally-responsible companies could place their ads, the revenue generated being shared with the municipality, venue or entity hosting the bin at no cost.

Within a month, Mr. Holland’s conceptual sketches were turned into a public recycling/trash bin prototype. Free Green Can had become a reality.

About the Free Green Can

The purpose of the Free Green Can is always to provide a recycling opportunity where there is a trash opportunity. This gives the public the option to help the environment with very little effort on their part. There is no need to walk an additional couple feet to find a stand alone recycling bin. The Free Green Can is a dual purpose recycle/trash container. The Free Green Can:

  • has two separate and easy to remove 30+ gallon insert liners. One for recyclables (plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass) and the other for trash.
  • is easy to install by using four grass or concrete anchors.
  • is very durable and built to stand up to the environment.
  • has a lifetime guarantee.
  • has a specially designed top to keep weather elements from entering and/or filling the Free Green Can.
  • has a unique design that compliments both modern and historical settings.

Free Green Can and the Environment

Over the course of a year, one Free Green Can…



1,820 plastic bottles

10,920 hours for a 60 watt bulb

2,795 aluminum cans

8,385 hours of energy to run a TV

1,387 glass bottles

5,548 hours of a 100 watt light bulb

1,147 newspapers

15 trees

* Volume approximations based on 32 gallon can, filled once per week with 25% plastic bottles, 25% aluminum cans, 25% glass bottles, 25% newspapers

Free Green Can and the Public

Recycling On The GO!

  • With consumers spending less time at home, 40% of waste is generated OUTSIDE of the home.
  • 77% of the US population recycles at home
  • Only 32.5% of total waste is recycled

                    United States Environmental Protection Agency Recycle Data

The Free Green Can gives the public an opportunity to do the environmentally responsible thing. It is important to give the public the opportunity to recycle as often as possible and with little effort. The Free Green Can also conditions our youth at any early age to recycle outside of the home. With a recycling opportunity being so available by using the Free Green Can it creates a natural public peer pressure to recycle.