Gaining Customer Trust Through Environmental Sustainability

Raking in profits is not the only thing that a company should be focusing on. Your company values count for a lot as well since they have a major and lasting impact on how your customers perceive you. A company that has a hard time defining its values is most likely going to have a much harder time appealing to its customers in the long run. Why would a company want to woo a customer with their values? Because this allows consumers to connect with a company on an emotional level, and once that happens, your customers are bound to stay around for longer.

Consumers are increasingly becoming more aware of how companies affect the environments in which they operate. This awareness is leading to consumers basing their buying decisions not only on price tags and product features, but also on factors such as whether companies are actively doing something to make a difference. Organizations that continue to operate in grey zones or are not gearing themselves to deal with environmental concerns are beginning to lose their customers.

This is because customers like supporting businesses that are giving back to the environment. Every interaction with a “green” business makes consumers feel that their buying decisions are making a difference for the planet. A study revealed that customers like to buy from organizations that make an effort to be socially responsible. Social responsibility shows that a company actually cares about its environment and the results of its actions.

Going green is a hot topic nowadays and also an essential one since the business world is largely to blame for the many environmental problems the world is going through at the moment. Social responsibility is definitely important, however, if a company is unable to communicate its values and adhere to them then they will not do much for them.

Research has shown that many consumers are not familiar with the social responsibility values of companies that they interact with regularly. This is due to the fact that these companies fail to communicate their values with their customers. One could say that a company that has impressive values and adheres to them is wasting a valuable resource if it is not making an active effort to share these values with its customer base.

Sharing your values with your customers does not necessarily involve huge marketing campaigns that cost a lot of money. You can communicate with your customers on a much more personal level through your customer support. With the right help desk software, one that allows a business to efficiently and effectively connect with its customer base, you can preach your values just as effectively. Kayako’s help desk solutions are renowned for their easy usability and the powerful tools that they offer.

Many experts claim that the best way to acquaint your customers with your value system is by connecting with them first, and the best way to connect with them is through two-way communication.

Companies encourage two-sided interactions with their customers in many ways, such as opening forums where customers can gather and talk to one another about their experiences with the company. Companies in turn interact with their customers and gather valuable insight on their performance and what area do they need to work on. You can find plenty of companies encouraging customer interaction through this way.

Organizations can even get creative with two-way interaction like Vers Corporation did. They started a campaign that encouraged customers to plant trees and share their plantation on social media. For every tree that a customer planted, Vers promised to plant one themselves. This allowed the company to get close to their customers while also shedding light on their environmental friendliness.

The best form of two-sided interaction is when a company manages to engage its customers through some sort of actionable and measurable campaign. This can work wonders for a company’s image and simultaneously help it develop strong and long lasting bonds with its customer base. This approach should not be limited to your customers, companies should also engage their employees in a similar fashion. This instills a sense of empowerment and actually encourages your employees to act out on your value systems.

While there is a ton of evidence backing up the positive effects of becoming socially responsible, very few companies are actually taking steps to become green. Not only is this unfortunate for our environment, but also for the companies that continue to stay as they are since their customers will eventually leave them for a more socially responsible competitor.